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L.E. Gable Middle School, located in a rural community in the Piedmont region of the state of South Carolina, was dedicated in August of 1981. L.E. Gable Middle School was previously known as Roebuck Junior High School from 1966 until 1978. At this time the name was changed to Roebuck Middle School. When the new location was occupied, the name L.E. Gable Middle School was adopted. Mr. L.E. Gable, a former District Six educator and administrator, lent his name to the newly built school.

Our school is located on fifty-one acres of land which includes ample space for outdoor activities including tennis courts, softball field, and football stadium facilities. The school is designed with three wings which house sixth, seventh, and eighth grades respectively. Located just a few miles from Dorman High School, L.E. Gable Middle School has a student body of over 800 students.